Herry Santosa is a photographer based in Bali, Indonesia, specialising in portrait photography.

Originally from Java, Herry grew up in Bali from a young age. Since he was a child he has been passionate and inquisitive about the world around him, feeling a pull to capture each moment with his unique perspective. Herry’s motto is to “trust your eyes”, to use your intuition, perception, feeling and passion when it comes to capturing the right moment on camera.

Not only it is Herry’s unique eyes that has made him a successful photographer, but also his easy and comfortable nature as well as his passion for art, real connections with his clients and working from the heart.

When Herry’s not busy with his photography projects, you may find him in his mini studio in Denpasar where he makes hand made leather goods such as wallets and laptop covers, or hanging out with his Cat and three Dogs. You might also bump into him in one of Bali’s many coffee houses, where he teaches aspiring baristas all there is to know about coffee.

Herry dreams of travelling the world, meeting new people, experiencing new things and capturing these moments on camera along the way.